jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

Review of "The Click Modular Router"

Did you like this paper? Why?
Yes, I like the paper because click it's a very useful tool for develop experiments. It allows to analyze the incoming network traffic and by our algorithm dispatch the messages as we want to. Also the concept of modules, that have incoming parameters and outputs, allow us to build using someone else components.

What problem is this paper solving?
It is providing a tool "click" for allow us to route packages based on our own algorithms and filters.
Its allow a rapid deployment of small experiments.
Click allow to simulate middleboxes.
Click also have the advantage to allow us to keep a state of the package embedded in the algorithm that we design for routing.

What are the strengths of this paper?
The definition and explanation of the building blocks of click is the mayor contribution of this paper. How it operates and how much performance we could expect.

What are the main weaknesses in the paper?
I guess some work of click is overlap with openflow, both could do some similar things, and allow us to use SDN using a different approach. Openflow is based in rules, Click is based in modules.

What would you do differently? Are there assumptions you disagree with? Do you see ideas for future work or improving the solution proposed?
I would try to simplify the creation of a module, maybe allowing to use another programming language rather than C for having the flexibility of fast development.

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