jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

Review of "The Akamai Network: A Platform for High-Performance Internet Applications"

Did you like this paper? Why?

Yes, because it briefly explain the problems that the internet is facing and how it affects to organizations and business, for later show the benefits of akamai.

They also explain as a big picture how akamai is designed, and the components related to it, for allowing content delivery.

What problem is this paper solving?
I think they are not solving any problem, they are showing how all the multiples solutions and decisions made by the Akamai designers allow them to get a real business, and having the performance they needed for multiple kind of applications.

What are the strengths of this paper?
I guess that they explain that the collocation of the Edge servers are essential for allowing them to build in top of that all their optimizations (Origin server location, Cache control, Cache indexing) and control, to provide the customer the reliability they want.

What are the main weaknesses in the paper?
They could have explain why is better to use Akamai instead of try to build some special system, to having similar performance. Could be related to price of any other reason, but we don't know.

What would you do differently? Are there assumptions you disagree with? Do you see ideas for future work or improving the solution proposed?

I like the paper, The paper is large enough to understand how is designed Akamai and the problems and benefits it provide, I guess they could explain a little bit about the main problems they are facing on that architecture they build based on their design and how they are planning to improve it.

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