jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013

Review of "B4: Experience with a Globally-Deployed Software Defined Wan"

Did you like this paper?
Yes, I liked because they implement a very interesting example of what we could achieve using SDN and the benefits we could get if we keep pushing for this new technology. Also because they show how they solve some problems like the max-min fair allocation. 

What problem is this paper solving?

They are solving some problems that someone would like to implement a SDN network will face, and they give some good details of how they solve them . But their solutions are not the only one and some of them could be optimized.  

What are the strengths of this paper? 3-4 sentences.
The strengths of the paper is learn based on their experience, they did not create a new awesome algorithm instead they implement something very straight forward given the openflow technology available and the constrains related to their applications. Also show how complicate its to combine the components and its an example how could they build in top of others research works like Onix and use the NIB.

What are the main weaknesses in the paper?
They claim that hardware is tend to fail less than software, and they did not compare the performance of their TE Optimization algorithm to the LP solution or any other. 

What would you do differently? Are there assumptions you disagree with? Do you see ideas for future work or improving the solution proposed?

Maybe trying to mix the out-of-band control network with the controlled network, also I may consider the type of application in the traffic split not only considering network throughput also considering network delay. 

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